How to Earn Money From UC news 2019
How to Earn Money From UC news 2019

How to Earn Money From UC news 2019

UC News : Earn 10000 Rs Monthly without Website 2018

How to Earn Money From UC news 2019
How to Earn Money From UC news 2019


Many people who wish to earn money from internet often think that it is impossible to fetch good amount of dollars without having a website. But today I’m going to share a new online money making method with you which doesn’t require any investment (other than time).

You must have heard about UC news and many of you might have installed their app in your phone too. Basically it’s a news app which aggregates trending articles, match scores & entertainment stuff from various sources & shows it to you under one roof. More than 5 Crore Indians are using this app actively and that is really good news for us. Wondering why? Here’s the reason..More active users means more traffic & more traffic means hell lot of pageviews. For making handsome bucks, you need a targeted traffic and we are going to get it from UC news without much hassle. It might sound confusing at this moment but things will get clear as you go on reading this article.

How to Earn Money from UC News?

1- First of all, sign up for free publisher account from here.

2- After login, you will see 4 tabs :

  • Home : displays total views on your articles on a particular day, followers count & today’s earnings in dollars.
  • Post : most important part of this tutorial. From here you can create your own articles.
  • Income : track your total earnings & withdraw when you reach threshold amount.
  • Reporting : from here you can track post view count. It is updated every 10 minutes.
  • Guidelines : general rules for content creation.

3- Go to ‘post’ tab to create your very first article. Keep in mind that entertainment niche always has great scope & if done in right you will easily fetch more than 10000 rs in just 1 month. Wait! Just deciding niche isn’t enough, you have to follow certain guidelines to get your content approved by the uc news team. So your article format should be like this :

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UC News Refer & Earn Program

This is a good way to boost your earnings. Apart from publishing articles, you can earn nice amount by inviting friends to join ucnews.

  1. Get your unique invitation code from uc news publisher dashboard.
  2. When your friends signs up using that code, publishes an article & successfully achieves 1000 views, you earn 100 rs referral reward.
  3. You can refer unlimited friends but you will be paid for first 15 signups only.

Hope you liked the article. By the way, you can also refer to this guide where we have shared some innovative ideas to earn passive monthly income. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below.

How to Redeem Earnings?

Minimum payout amount is $50 and you can easily achieve this within a month by giving it 20-30 minutes daily. Your money will be deposited in the bank account between 26th – 28th of every month.

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Making Money with UC News

You can read news from popular platforms & rewrite them in your own words. Alternately you can go with the grey hat method which I don’t recommend at all (but yes, it definitely works!) – visit bollywood or technology news site and see which posts are trending. Open google translator and simply translate those articles in hindi language. Use the format given above for writing and publish your article.

As soon as you receive 2000 page views on a post, visit income tab and click on ad monetization option. Accept the agreement given on the next page to start making money with UC News.


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