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How Hyper loop works faster than aeroplane

hi friend we want run our life to win the race we are walking going from car making aeroplane for our good life and we travelling faster but a new thing has come it is hyper loop which is faster than aeroplane only in land without going in air and what is hyper loop

in our daily life there are many thing for transport which is faster in our life is aeroplane we can go from one point to another  around the world the speed is 900 km to 1000 km per hour but it is not for all we are fear from aeroplane that the aeroplane can crash or it can be hack and it is very expensive and train is cheap but we can see the railway track that from the train will come but train can not go faster from aeroplane but you have hear about bullet train mag live train but they not faster than aeroplane and slow from plane the new considered has come about hyper loop but it is just like a train but it run only in tube and it has a maximum speed is 765 mile per hour like 1200 km per hour but it just like a aeroplane and faster than plane it concept was found by musk from there it has began and it is open source  project and all company has start making the hyper loop path

hyper loop
hyper loop

how the hyper loop work the concept is that their we will have a tube and it is very long tube go from one city to another city and we have made a peeler to support the tube and we will travel from that it is not a train  we will make a individual port we will go from the port we will connect in a line this port pass from the tube and this concept is very nice and we are talking about liner motor but is electric motor but it is not like a round shape motor it has a outer shell and inner shell if we open it make a line where the motor has two part motor and stater it in tube the rote is just like a port travel from the tube if you supply the power from the tube if it will in motion then he can travel from the tube

but we want to archive the the speed of 1200 km per hour  in tube it has a pump which make a vacuum for train to through all air out of the tube it have but it has no pressure in it if any port travel from the tube when it get fast it make compression and presser and presser a point will come when speed get slow from escape from that and they will build a compression to remove air from that tube more faster than train and then port will 1 from lea meted from magnet and the through of force make the port to fly in air and it equal to you go high and high from the ground we are getting a Resistance a cane reaction has started we will travel faster a new thing is when he stop in platform  it make opposite direction from the port and it is fully consent for hyper loop and no land have to buy they need a small space for that but in train we make a track just imagine it will float in air in all world all company has start run

ning this project and it is a open source project they are proving that they can do that all government of their country think to start the project

in navada a test was happen for different think how to stop how to make speed it can survive in earth quack but the concept is very good and some issue has come that they will survive from that speed of port  a human can go for that and it is future of next generation low cost more speed

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