How internet work via through cable and owner of internet

How internet work via through cable and owner of internet

In our daily life we can live without water and food but we can not without Internet.ever you have thing how the Internet work and any buddy get more speed and low speed . why people get more data offer from different operator .who is the owner of internet and internet come through us

including  India and all world are connect with internet so you never thing how internet work you thing it is working through satellite you thing it is net work of computer.but you did not know that 99% of internet are working on optic  fiber  cable but you will tell in our mobile no cable are connected so which tower you are getting network from that tower a cable go through the computer where you want to go

so i will in easy way so when internet come internet pass 3 different company

1- tr company has pass cable through sea in the world and guys internet is free and they has used cable and i will give a example from your home to your office is 1 km distance if you add cable from office to home you should tell it is a internet but your cost on  cable and maintain and like that tr 1 company connect computer to computer with cable around all the world counter to counter  but we connect state to state district to district  to city from city to you.

internet cable
fiber cable

so it is a cable it small like your hair and it has a 100 gbps speed and in india this cable are in mubai . Airtel Idea and Jio are made a infrastructure in India but you a website other from internet the cable take you there and all cabel are there in mubai .no satellite work all work by cable you go that website if their server are outside of country they take you and reliance jio has connect cable to Asia Europe  Africa and they get 40 terabit  of speed so jio give you free internet to and jio has invest is you website server has in Asia Europe and Africa tr 1 has no cost for internet and he has passes thousand of cable to all country if cable damage or broken and no longer life more than 25 if and shark bit it or ant thing happen so they need backup so they have more cable in extra so they maintain it and internet is free the cost is for cable

2 tr 2 company they tell to tr 1 company and give a connection of internet that they can earn money and tell give money to tr 1  if tr 1 sell 10 rs per gb but they take 50 rs per gb from us but while coming to the tr 3 company comes like hathway   but they buy through tr 2 buy from tr 1 by rolling  it is the setup cost while jio come but they have make tower and have cable and how jio give 4 g connect cable through sea since 5 year but tr 1 has made cable inside the water but in India he has connect cable in India to give a speed if jio has made a tower near your house of 100 mbps of speed but they had tell it is 4g but you divide 5 person in 100 mbps it will come 20 mbps of speed and they have max bandwidth with their all tower so they distributed  the wire in near of house more people is living your speed will get low  if you use jio the band width is fix so they want to give speed of equal so in night your speed get high if we use net i day we get low speed so they want internet to all so speed get divide if you are using facebook your speed get low because of the server if i tell use flipkart you will get faster and is your website is in India your data is save if by chance cable broken your speed get low and it is manage by software nothing to do you you have to get make speed of internet

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