tongue id

Tongue ID recognition? better than face unlock and fingerprint?

Tongue ID recognition

You have used finger print and pin pattern in your mobile phone  and their is new thing come tongue id scanner

It is new bio metric technology and it is very secure for us you have see pin pattern and fingerprint scanner if you have online account you will use only pin and if there is a key they can be stolen but your bio metric id cannot be stolen and you have use some of bio metric  id like fingerprint scanner face id and iris scanner.

New thing has come called tongue id it new way to change your password in future we will see in mobile phone i am telling about tongue scanning and all human being have different bio metric thing and it never match from any one in world tongue id new bio metric thing

tongue id
tongue id

Tongue ID

It has advantage like our tongue is in our mouth so one can see our tongue if you are sleeping your mobile  phone is locked by fingerprint any one of your family  member can open and you could now who has open but i talk about tongue it is in our mouth and it is all ways close and if you go some where your finger print has taken and they can stole your mobile they can do any and no one can not take your  tongue id it has a Eunice feature first one is your tongue shape and second thing is pattern  it is one of secure password for our future thing it can use in high security area if we use in combo like we are using pattern and finger print but in future we will use tongue id and face id

It has disadvantage that you saliva stick with your mobile it will not look good and you have to clean it


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