What is Robocalling? phone spam calls explained

robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements.

We are enjoying a moment then we get call and is random number.we thing it is important call and we pick it up and when we put in our ear we get a sound  that we are from xyz bank i am shubham can i help your our mind get off and then we are getting loan credit and got a lottery and etc call and then we pickup call and we get in mind but.

It is a problem but our mobile is not near to me and phone is in silent  and we are doing something work or  we are sleeping and when we see our phone and it have four missed call and we thing our friend number or any family number call but it have a random number but it is from  other country and we thing who call me why he call me but we thing that no one live in that country but we it was friend what was the calling purpose and we spend all time for thinking the call and you are trapped in robocalling.

In email we get spam email but we can block that email but email has smarter he just filter that email which are spam but if chance it can not filter but we can see them and we can delete them we  can now it is real or fake but in mobile we should know  whose that if you not pick the call but you know the call will come when your friend call or family member but you get from company for offer or some thing eles  but in India they call for otp and they tell that your mobile number get a lottery and we has sent a code to you to verifying  your mobile number but the robocalling business get big and big they main advantage is that in older day we can call one by one adding number but now day all thing are computerised and we can call in bulk.


If any one pick or not pick they can captcha  your mind and call are getting free link skype and google voice and robocalling are increasing and increasing but we are help less and we have no solution but in android and ios they can track the robocalling and many poplar app like true caller by tracking the database he tell you it is a spam call or not but they can check but they alert you it was a spam call but the problem  is that but the robocalling company is more hi tech from the true caller but they use caller id number but they change caller id proving number and change the number in true caller but they fail the true caller but they change the number and show you and the number is not and the system of true caller fail and it is complete seen of robocalling and from the tech people and they are alert and they skip the call and innocent people get trapped  and they thing any one call him and something who want to tell him and they thing they are getting money and then they give their personal data like otp  if you active do not disturb service from sim operator and we get call they do not block them and they send you sms and the robocalling trapped all the world in that and they make money from that .

If you have receive call like that number comment and tell the number and you have actived the service call ddt

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