petrol and diesel

Why petrol price increase in India truth behind petrol diesel price

Have think about that how price are increase and it increase and it newer get down why first thing we should now how much money it cost for making petrol and diesel the

petrol and diesel
petrol and diesel

we can not make crude oil in India we have to buy from other country about 80% of crude oil we have to import from other country the crude come in baler in baler it has 159 litre and one baler cost is 86.73$ you can multiply what is the value of 1$ cost so the crude of 1 litre is 37 rupee and we have to refine then we will get petrol and diesel to refine of petrol cost is 40 rupee but it come to you it cost go to 83 why the government add tax so first tax come from central government that is exude duety they take 19 to 20 rupee per litre but then the dealer take a profit of 3 to 4 rupee then state government add vat in per litre  and when the central government and state government add tax in petrol the cost of petrol is 40 rupee but our government add tax and make it about 80 rupee per litre but you will think that you are giving tax to government but have you think about that the money they are collecting it use to making road developing India and it is proud to say that we are giving tax to government to support for developing India

but you now that in 2012 and 2013 the price of crude oil was 118$ per baral but now a day its cost is 86$ when it was to costly our government take a few tax when the cost decree the government has increase the tax but the big thing is that the market price is low but our government has increase the tax to make petrol price stable   but in international market the price of baler are increase and our government are not decrease tax and it incerse by adding tax but in any thing a tax has increase  it never decrse but telling directly that when the crude oil price was down the has increase the tax but when price of crude oil price are is increase the government is not decease the tax it is main reason that petrol price is not decreasing

but you now that in 2014 -2015 total revenue cost was 99184 crore but when price decrease the government has increase the tax in 2016-2017 total revenue cost was 242691 crore only in central government but they got ENE money they can decrease the tax but if they decrease the tax then there revenue cost go down if they decrease the price of tax they will 13000 crore rupee it is main reason not to decrease the tax but when we are giving a bag full of tax but they are telling where they have spend our money if you ask any one question you are a anti national person and our media do ask question to government and they are telling lily that India has a low cost for petrol

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